If you haven’t been able to find the right company to fix water issues in your home, look no further. Basement Masters Waterproofing did an excellent job installing drain tile in my basement. I have had a lot of difficulty finding reliable, trustworthy contractors in Northern Virginia. They identified the problem and fixed it on

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Walter Saravia and Luis Gonzalez, the workmen, were extremely professional and hard-working. When they were finished, the landscaping was returned to its previous condition. Mr. Saravia answered questions and explained the work courteously and clearly.

Their engineering analysis, proposed solution, and installation were all superior.

Basement Masters provided a multi-focus project for us that included French drains, waterproofing of basement walls inside and out, and replacement and upgrade of underground roof drainage piping.

Their engineering analysis, proposed solution, and installation were all superior and have worked masterfully to correct and control serious problems of weeping cellar wall cracks, erosion due to above ground rain runoff, and underground routing of water from roof gutters.

Their project manager was knowledgeable and easy to work with and their installation crew was outstanding in focused installation work, cleanup, and avoidance of damage to structures, lawns, and plants. The follow-up by their project manager was prompt and thorough. The project manager inspired confidence and provided an excellent solution and project plan and the crew delivered speedy and positive results. I strongly recommend them to anyone with difficult waterproofing and drainage issues.

Wonderful Experience. Best Basement water proofing company.

I have waited for 2 years before I completed my basement water proofing project. I have taken estimate from 5 different companies. These companies are: ‘All Aspects Waterproofing’, ‘Value Dry Waterproofing’ , ‘A A Action Waterproofing Inc’ and several others.

What I found that most renowned basement water proofing company cons are:
1) Agent comes to your house and tries to sell the package by any means not caring at all about your situation or need.2) Since agent makes commission of each assignment they sell, they will try to tell you anything nonsense.3) Very vague on their work description. No Detail about the kind of work /diagram / description of small details of work. –They will say or will give impression of doing everything which they will not provide you in writing.4) Sell agents are marketing guys – who tries to play with your mind and sell the package.5) Very Important one point for Basement water proofing: --- All most all Basement water proofing company will pretty much do the same kind of interior drain - sump pump system. – Difference is made by who is going to handle the outside water better/ efficiently and with a compacted approach – all these other company will not even discuss about out side water/ gutter down spout water handling at all.6) Many a time, these companies sub contract the work to other small companies which you will not even realize.

Let’s come to the Pros of this Company ‘Basement Masters Waterproofing’ which I have used:
1) FYI: First their price is not the cheapest. At the same time, their quote was not the highest also among the other quotes I have received. I would put them in the middle price range.2) Let’s come to the person who came to my house. He is the owner of the company: Mr. Randoll. 3) He doesn’t have any marketing nonsense. Best part is: he tries to understand your basement water problem and notes the absolute need. Then He will email you the estimate which will have all the details with map and diagram. He will work with you if you need something different and price.4) Now it comes to the crew. Team which came to my house was a 4 member team (Direct employee not sub-contractor). Head was Mr. Walter. If he is about to do your job then you don’t need to worry about anything. Mr. Randoll’s (Owner) quote and Mr. Walter work are so much in sync – you won’t believe that. Mr. walter also takes the job as his own house they do many different things extra which was not in the quote to make it nice. 5) Main Work which makes them different is the outside peripheral water management. Once the sump pump push the water outside what and how the water will be drained. Same with the Gutter down spout water draining. They will take care all of these issues.6) They have proper honest business approach rather than ripping off people.7) I highly recommend them . You will see the difference.

It couldn't have went any better! We called six other companies, and Randall with Basement Masters was the only one that returned our call. Not only were they quickly responsive, but dealing with Randall's professionalism was a wonderful experience. They took a very stressful situation and turned it into a very satisfying situation. If you want a waterproofing / basement foundation company that will satisfy your needs, you should only call Basement Masters!

Company provided evaluation of the problem and estimate to repair within 48 hours of request for service --representative who did on-site assessment was extremely knowledgeable and professional advising of alternatives to effect the needed repair -taking great effort to advise of best way to deal with the matter in the least expensive manner -- company provided a five year warranty and pictures of the leak and various stages of repair including pictures of the completed job. I would most highly recommend this company for such work - done in the greater Washington, D.C. -northern Virginia area.

It went very well. Randall came out to assess the situation in my basement. He then thoroughly and knowledgeably explained the problem and the potential solutions to the problem and their relatives merits. He ultimately suggested the least expensive solution as the most appropriate for my needs. He was very professional and explained things very clearly. He wrote up a proposal and had it to me within the time he indicated that he would.

I ultimately chose to have the work performed at least a month after the 30 day period the proposal was supposed to be good for, but they honored it anyway. I was not on site for the work to be done, but my father- and mother- in law were and they are not easy to please. But they found Walter and his crew to be very thorough, polite and professional. They worked efficiently. The work called for a good bit of cement to be drilled in the enclosed, unfinished portion of my basement and for new cement to be mixed and laid. They took great care to protect the finished portion of the basement and despite all of the concrete work, left the unfinished portion as clean as they found. My in-laws were very impressed and pleased with Walter and his crew, and I was more than happy with the result.

Provider was highly responsive, on time, professional, etc. We are very grateful and highly recommend this provider.

Thanks for Rescuing Our Flooded Basement

Thank you so much for giving us quick service. Not knowing what was wrong or how to handle it was upsetting and scary. Randall was the perfect person for the job! He put me somewhat at ease, and immediately provided advice on how we should handle the problem.

Randall suggested we call Cardinal Plumbing and, luckily, they were able to come that same day, thanks to Randall's personal call to them. It was determined that our sump pump had been overwhelmed, so we decided to replace it with a new pump, a backup pump and marine battery. It took more than two days to pump all the water from beneath our house, and the basement floor is finally drying. The runoff created a lake behind our house, and it was amazing to watch how much water was there, and how fast it ran out. We are assuming, with advice from the plumber, that we have an underground spring beneath the house. We will always have our sump pump serviced every year!!!

I immediately went on Angie's List and made a very favorable Comment for your company. If we need to have any waterproofing services in the future, you will be the only people I will call. Thank you for such good service!

Repaired basement crack from the outside. did the job in one day. Looks good, needed a bit of landscaping and sod work afterwards but minor detail.

If you haven't been able to find the right company to fix water issues in your home, look no further.

Basement Masters Waterproofing did an excellent job installing drain tile in my basement. I have had a lot of difficulty finding reliable, trustworthy contractors in Northern Virginia. They identified the problem and fixed it on time and well within my budget. There was never any up selling or scare tactics. If you haven't been able to find the right company to fix water issues in your home, look no further. I hope I never have water problems in the future, but if so, I'll be calling Basement Masters Waterproofing without hesitation.

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