If you haven’t been able to find the right company to fix water issues in your home, look no further. Basement Masters Waterproofing did an excellent job installing drain tile in my basement. I have had a lot of difficulty finding reliable, trustworthy contractors in Northern Virginia. They identified the problem and fixed it on

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Went very well. The consultant was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and mitigated all the doubts efficiently.

Repaired basement crack from the outside. did the job in one day. Looks good, needed a bit of landscaping and sod work afterwards but minor detail.

I had two cracks (front wall and back wall) in the poured foundation wall. Epoxy injection and carbon fiber application applied to each crack. Also a crack in the basement floor that was used for a PVC discharge trench to the sump pump.

Kudos.I was able to remove two condensation pumps now that the water flows to the sump pump well through the discharge trench in the basement floor.
Recent rains and no water seeping through the foundation walls.

Basement Masters also provided a follow up visit.

I'm happy with their service and with their price.

PS: After not seeing a charge on my credit card, I had to remind them that I owed money. First time I ever had to remind a contractor that I needed to pay.

Provider was highly responsive, on time, professional, etc. We are very grateful and highly recommend this provider.

So we bought this house six weeks ago. All the rain we've had recently flooded the basement. I had previously contacted Basement Masters for an estimate on a basement egress window and liked the inspector and price they quoted so had decided to go with them. Due to that positive experience (we haven't had that window installed yet), I called them again the same day of the flood. They sent a professional out quickly, Randall, who took a good look at the ground/walls and suggested some remedies. I felt like he was attentive and knowledgeable. He got an estimate to us quickly. Knowing our situation (having just bought the house and having this flood), Randall thought of us when he had an unexpected opening and moved us up in line by four weeks. We had the work done today, after just requesting to be added to their schedule yesterday! It's all done....have to let the cement cure of course. They sent a knowlegeble and professional technican, Walter, out to do the job. Walter explained what he was doing, answered all of my questions and then explained it all over again to my husband when my husband got home. Walter seemed to take pride in his work, rather than to be someone who is just working for a paycheck (not that that's wrong either) but it was nice to see a man who was proud of what he was doing and put something of himself in to the job.

Their staff at the office are very personable and quickly respond to my questions and concerns as well. I have had only positive experiences with this company and would highly recommend them. Given the unexpected expenses we've incurred with this flood, we're holding off on the basement egress window until the spring, but definitely plan to go with Basement Masters Waterproofing when we do have it done. Very, very pleased with their work.

We received a couple of quotes from different companies for exterior waterproofing. When we met with Randall, he thoroughly inspected our home and explained what work he felt needed to be done. The estimate along with a detailed description of the work to be done was emailed to me when he said he would. The estimate was pretty close to the other company I got one from, but I felt more comfortable going with Basement Masters based off the time and patience Randall took to explain everything and answer all of our questions. The work was done by a two man team headed by Walter. Walter and his other worker always came on time and cleaned up their work space when they left. They took great care to keep the interior of our home clean too when they needed to come inside. Hand digging dirt is a messy job, but their work always looked clean and professional at all stages of the project. When the job was done, everything was put back as it was before. It has been a few weeks since they finished the job and our basement has remained dry despite some heavy rains. I would absolutely recommend Basement Masters for your exterior waterproofing job.

It went very well. Randall came out to assess the situation in my basement. He then thoroughly and knowledgeably explained the problem and the potential solutions to the problem and their relatives merits. He ultimately suggested the least expensive solution as the most appropriate for my needs. He was very professional and explained things very clearly. He wrote up a proposal and had it to me within the time he indicated that he would.

I ultimately chose to have the work performed at least a month after the 30 day period the proposal was supposed to be good for, but they honored it anyway. I was not on site for the work to be done, but my father- and mother- in law were and they are not easy to please. But they found Walter and his crew to be very thorough, polite and professional. They worked efficiently. The work called for a good bit of cement to be drilled in the enclosed, unfinished portion of my basement and for new cement to be mixed and laid. They took great care to protect the finished portion of the basement and despite all of the concrete work, left the unfinished portion as clean as they found. My in-laws were very impressed and pleased with Walter and his crew, and I was more than happy with the result.

Their engineering analysis, proposed solution, and installation were all superior.

Basement Masters provided a multi-focus project for us that included French drains, waterproofing of basement walls inside and out, and replacement and upgrade of underground roof drainage piping.

Their engineering analysis, proposed solution, and installation were all superior and have worked masterfully to correct and control serious problems of weeping cellar wall cracks, erosion due to above ground rain runoff, and underground routing of water from roof gutters.

Their project manager was knowledgeable and easy to work with and their installation crew was outstanding in focused installation work, cleanup, and avoidance of damage to structures, lawns, and plants. The follow-up by their project manager was prompt and thorough. The project manager inspired confidence and provided an excellent solution and project plan and the crew delivered speedy and positive results. I strongly recommend them to anyone with difficult waterproofing and drainage issues.

If I had another basement project, I would go to Basement Masters Waterproofing. They seem to treat their customers the way they would wish to be treated. They acted with integrity throughout our interaction and did high quality work. First, Randall - who I think owns the company - came to the house to give me a quote. He explained clearly what was needed to make my tiny basement windows into egress windows (dimensions, height off the ground, and ladder for the well). The price he offered was better than the other companies I spoke with. The work was interrupted by snow (and holidays) because this was being done in the middle of winter. Although the company was under pressure because of days of work lost because of the weather, they made sure that they delivered a high quality product. The windows they installed were custom because Randall wanted to make sure that they fit just the way they should. He even replaced one of the windows to be installed because he could have made it work but he wanted an even better fit. When one well ended up being more work than anticipated, they nevertheless stuck to the price they had quoted me. I was very glad I chose them to do the work.

I was so amazed at what I saw! You could not tell that anyone had worked this job after they were done! So clean and neat.

Absolutely fantastic right from the first interview! They were very personable, extremely professional, and explained everything that needed to be done.

I had 4 other companies come in for estimates. What a disaster! Their prices were out of sight! What they suggested that had to be done was extremely destructive to my basement creating additional work and costs after they were done! Randalls ' helpers were equally as good as Randall. They explained everything they were going to do before they got started AND showed me as they were progressing what they did so far. Very polite and efficient.

I left to go to work and came home late after work. I was so amazed at what I saw! It was dark out and so I went and got a flashlight so that I could see what I thought I saw! I anxiously waited for the morning so that I could check this job again. I could not and still can not believe the job that they did. You could not tell that anyone had worked this job after they were done! So clean and neat. Beautiful. I am so grateful and pleased. They were not the cheapest quote I got, but their price was very good for what they had to do. AND, I didn't have any extra expenses after! I highly recommend Basement Masters Waterproofing in Gainesville, VA.

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