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Sump Pump Systems in Virginia

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Sump Pump Installation in Virginia

Zoeller battery BackupHaving a sump pump installed in your basement is one of the best solutions to preventing a wet basement. Basement Masters Waterproofing provides sump pump installation in Virginia. We offer our dual combination of sump pumps. We have sump pumps with a battery back-up for the same price as our competition’s single pump system in Virginia. Our system is designed to provide both security and peace of mind by utilizing primary and battery backup pump capabilities. Let our team of professionals be your sump pump installation Virginia team.

How do our sump pumps work?

  1. As the water accumulates around the foundation, it is collected by pipes and channels.
  2. The water is then dumped into the sump pit, which stores the water until it reaches a certain level.
  3. Once the water level in the sump pit is high enough, the sump pump removes the excess water, discharging it away from the foundation.

The primary sump pump will operate as long as it is receiving power. If power is interrupted or lost entirely, the backup pump will begin pumping automatically.

Exterior and interior drains can be installed around and under your basement floor, any moisture under the home will be trapped in these pipes and empty into the sump pump basin. When paired with a waterproofing system, sump pumps become an extremely effective at keeping your home dry. You can count on Basement Master Waterproofing to keep your family safe and your home dry.

Sump Pump Repair in Northern Virginia

If you have a sump pump that is in need of repair, let the experts at Basement Masters Waterproofing get your sump pump repaired so it can go back to keeping your basement dry. If your sump pump is beyond repair, we will replace your sump pump with our reliable dual sump pump. In Virginia, it’s not uncommon to see heavy downpours in a short amount of time. Our excellent product will ensure reliability when you need it most. We provide a full five year warranty on all of our sump pump units.

Problems that may occur with the sump pump include:

  • Overworked sump pump
  • Sump pump trigger problems
  • Frozen sump pump pipes
  • Aging sump pumps

If you are in need of a sump pump system or sump pump repair in Virginia, contact us today.

You are responsible for maintenance on your waterproofing system, or we can help you with our maintenance plan. Read more: Maintenance is Your Responsibility, or We Can Help with Our Maintenance Plan


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