Common Signs of Foundation ProblemsOften, sloping floors are assumed to be an issue with warping floorboards or just an irregularity of the home itself. Sloping and uneven floors, however, can be an indication of a deeper foundation issue. Sloping floors are usually caused by soil shrinkage or erosion beneath the foundation of your home. When the ground is no longer solid enough to support the weight of the home, the foundation will start to sink and settle unevenly. This can result in sloped and uneven floors in the interior of the home. The void formation can also cause settling foundations. If the soil under your home falls away due to erosion or shifting from shrinkage and lack of moisture, voids and spaces will form under the foundation. When the foundation settles into these voids, it will cause various foundation issues in the home, such as a sloped or uneven floor. Floor sloping in your home may also have something to do with the support system in the basement. There are many different things that can cause the beams and posts that hold up the floor of your home to become unsteady. Moisture issues that lead to rotting wood or rusting metal and settling or cracking foundations are just a few of the most common problems that result in bent or curved beams and posts.

There may also be other signs of foundation failure that accompany a sloping floor. Examine your home for the following symptoms of a foundation problem:

If you see any of these occurrences in your home, do not hesitate to contact a repair professional immediately. The longer you let issues such as a sloped floor go un-repaired, the worse the underlying issue will become. Only a proper foundation repair solution will take care of the problem and keep it from happening again.

Another thing that can lead to a sloped or uneven floor is poor waterproofing. If the water in your yard seeps into the concrete foundation, it can weaken it, causing it to crack and crumble, and even settle. This is a major problem, as it can result in a host of structural issues throughout the home.

Solutions for Sloped or Uneven Floors from Basement Masters

The best way to fix a sloped or uneven floor is to support the foundation so that it is no longer sinking or uneven. We use push piers to lift the weight of the home of the unstable foundation and raise the home back to the proper level. These piering devices are driven deep into the ground beneath the settling part of the foundation. Once they are installed into the load-bearing soil deep underground, the piers are used to support the weight of the structure while lifting the foundation to the proper position. This levels out the foundation and leaves the entire home a more secure base to rest on.

Another solution to repair the sloping floors in your home is to pull shifting foundations back into place with wall anchors. The first step in wall anchor installation is to sink an anchor into the ground adjacent to the affected wall. Then, the anchor is connected to the wall using a rod that is driven laterally through the ground and a plate that is installed on the interior of the wall and anchors the rod to the wall. The rod is then tightened gradually to pull the wall back to the proper position.

Waterproofing solutions may also help prevent sloping floors by keeping water from weakening the foundation. Exterior drainage and basement drainage systems will reroute water before it has the chance to cause deterioration in your foundation. Contact Basement Masters Waterproofing for more solutions to take care of the sloped floors in your Virginia home.

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