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As summer comes to an end, the seasons will begin to change and the temperatures will start to drop. Cooler temperatures can affect your home’s yard and foundation. It is important to start preparing your home now to help save money down the road and reduce the hassle of dealing with serious issues with your foundation. Follow these home maintenance tips to prepare your home for fall and winter.

#1. Clear Gutters & Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are meant to keep rain and snow off the roof of your home and into areas away from your foundation. Gutters and downspouts with an excessive amount of debris can clog up gutters, leaving no room for the water to flow through. This can create issues with your roof. Also, if the downspout does not direct water far away enough from the home, water may puddle near the foundation. Your foundation can experience hydrostatic pressure and cause basement or crawl space flooding. Make sure to clean out your home’s gutters to prevprepare your homeent this from happening.

#2. Check Outside Drains

Drains located near your home’s stairwell, window wells, or driveway can get clogged from leaves. Clean outside drains to prevent foundation issues for your home. Outside drain issues are a common cause of basement water leaks.

#3. Check Your Home’s Roof

Checking your roof is important to do now before the weather gets bad. If your home’s roof has a leak, this can result in expensive issues down the road. Water on the roof will enter into the home below. If you notice any issues with your home’s roof, contact a professional right away.

#4. Look For Foundation Cracks prepare your home by checking downspout

Take a walk around the perimeter of your home and check your home’s foundation for cracks. Foundation cracks can cause basement flooding, structural damage, and insect infestation. The cooler weather can cause cracks to get worse over time. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse. Contact a foundation professional to properly fix the problem and prevent further issues from occurring.

#5. Waterproof Your Basement

If your basement floods or leaks every time it rains, it may be time to waterproof your home. Sump pumps can also help with moisture in your basement.

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Now is the perfect time to prepare your home for fall and winter. Don’t wait until the problem only gets worse and costs more money. If you live in Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland, Basement  Masters Waterproofing is here to help! Our team of experts will find the perfect solution for your home and keep you and your family safe and secure. Request a no-cost evaluation today!




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