Foundation Repair in Petworth, Virginia

Petworth, VirginiaPetworth, Virginia receives quite a bit of annual rainfall, more than the national average. Though residents usually enjoy the weather, it can cause problems for Petworth homes, causing them to need foundation repairs. We are here to help, though.

With a change in temperature, comes some foundation problems. As temperatures vary, the ground expands and compacts. The more this occurs, the weaker the soils become. When a home is built, it relies on the support of these soils. When the ground begins to settle, your home’s foundation may, too. Signs of this include a leaning chimney, cracking walls and floors, and sticking doors and windows.

Precipitation can cause similar issues. When the ground around your home becomes overly saturated, it places what is called hydrostatic pressure on your foundation. When this becomes too much to bear, your home’s foundation may crack, letting in water, insects, and even critters. We can stop these problems in their tracks or even avoid them with our residential foundation repair services. Come to us with your settling foundation repair needs.

Basement Waterproofing in Petworth, Virginia

There is nothing enjoyable about having a flooded basement. In fact, it is a huge hassle. If you have had a wet basement in the past, you understand and probably want to attack the problem. If you haven’t, avoid it from happening to you in the future. With our basement waterproofing services, we can keep your basement dry. You won’t have to worry the next time you receive a heavy rain or when you use the outdoor hose to water your flowers. With products like an interior or exterior drainage system, a leaky basement will be far from your worries. We can install sump pumps and seal any cracks you may have in your basement.

When it comes to your next foundation repair or basement waterproofing project, give us a ring! We are here to help you!

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