Foundation Repair in Middleburg, VA

Middleburg, VAMiddleburg, VA receives more than the national average amount of rainfall. It also experiences changes in temperatures between its four seasons. In the winter, lows dip to around twenty degrees and in the summer, highs reach into the nineties.

This change in temperature can actually raise some issues for Middleburg homeowners which leads to the need for foundation repair. When temperatures change, the ground around your home expands and compacts. When your home is built, it relies on this soil for support. The more often and quickly soil expands and compacts, the weaker it becomes. Eventually, this may cause foundation settlement. As the ground loses its original strength, it sinks. Your home’s foundation sinks and settles along with it.

There are signs that this is happening. You’ll notice cracks in walls and floors, sticking doors and windows, and chimneys leaning. The excessive rainfall Middleburg receives can cause issues, too. As this water seeps into the ground, it can become oversaturated. If the soil around your settling foundation is oversaturated, it places hydrostatic pressure on it. If this pressure becomes too much to bear, the foundation may crack. If you have noticed any of these problems happening to your home, give us a call. We’re here to help keep you and your home safe with residential foundation repair.

Basement Waterproofing in Middleburg, VA

We also offer basement waterproofing services. In fact, we specialize in waterproofing. We know a wet basement can be a hassle. We also know they can sometimes get out of hand. If you have a leaky, wet, or flooded basement, we can help. If you simply want to avoid a wet basement in your future, we are here for you, too. With solutions like sump pumps, exterior drainage systems, and interior drainage systems, your basement will stay dry for years to come.

The next time you are struggling with residential foundation repair or basement waterproofing needs, call Basement Masters Waterproofing.

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