Foundation Repair in Marshall, Virginia

Marshall, VirginiaMarshall, VA receives more than an average amount of rainfall annually and experiences a vast change in temperature throughout different seasons. Winter months bring low temperatures in the twenties. In the summer, average temperatures jump into the eighties.

The varying temperatures, humidity, and rain mix to bring up a few potential foundation problems, which leads to the need for foundation repair. Foundation settlement can occur because of changing temperatures. Soils expand and contract with the heat and cold. The more this happens, the weaker soils become. Eventually, soils begin to sink. Because homes are built on the stability of this ground, a foundation will begin to sink along with it.

Keep an eye out for the signs of a sinking foundationsticking windows and doors, cracking floors and walls, and leaning chimneys. Foundation cracks can be caused by water. As soils become saturated, they expand and place hydrostatic pressure on foundations. This pressure is sometimes too much for a foundation to bear, so it cracks. These cracks can allow water, insects, and critters into your home. Don’t let these issues become problems for your home. Call us to help you avoid such weather-induced foundation problems. We are your residential foundation repair experts in the Marshall, Virginia area!

Basement Waterproofing in Marshall, Virginia

No matter where we live, a leaky or flooded basement is simply a hassle. If you’ve experienced a wet basement, it isn’t something you want to experience again. If you haven’t had one, avoid ever having to deal with one. With our professional services and products, we can help solve and prevent a leaky basement. We specialize in basement waterproofing in Marshall, Virginia. We can install and repair sump pumps and provide you with interior and exterior waterproofing solutions.

The next time you have a project involving foundation repair or basement waterproofing, we are the company to call. We are here to make your project virtually stress-free!

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Our technicians can maintain and repair waterproofing systems for homeowners. In need of foundation repair or crawl space repair, we can do that too.

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