foundation repair in HaymarketWith a humid subtropical climate and above average rainfall, the weather in Haymarket may be damaging your home without your knowledge. We’re here to help you with your residential foundation repair and basement waterproofing problems in Haymarket, VA.

When a home is built, it depends on the support of the soil beneath it. This soil sometimes loses its strength over time, though. As temperatures change, the soil compacts and expands. The more this occurs (and the more quickly it occurs), the weaker the ground becomes. Eventually, if the soil can no longer support the house, it may begin to sink or settle in the ground. This is called foundation settlement, and there are some key signs that it is beginning to happen.

You may notice your that windows or doors sticking or misaligned. Cracks will appear in your floors and walls. If you have a chimney, it may begin to lean. In extreme cases, you will actually notice that your house is leaning. If a settling foundation is caught in action, it can be fixed. Our professional services will save your home from certain destruction.

Excessive rainfall and humidity can cause foundation issues, too. When the ground around your home becomes overly saturated, it will expand and put hydrostatic pressure on your foundation. This pressure will eventually become too much to hold, and your foundation will crack. The saturation of the soil can then make its way into your home.

Basement Waterproofing in Haymarket, Virginia

waterproofing services in HaymarketIf you have water in your basement, we can help. If you simply want to prevent a flooded basement, we can help. You can take measures such as installing an interior or exterior drain system. A sump pump is a key to keeping a dry basement.

If water is making its way into your basement through cracks in the floors and walls, we will fill those cracks. Sometimes, you will have water problems because you have foundation problems. In this case, foundation repair is the only long-term solution. Give us a call and we will help inspect your basement and determine the best way to keep it dry.

We are here to help with all of your foundation repair and basement waterproofing needs. Contact us to help you out today!

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