The earth in Hamilton, VA is made up of different soil conditions which can cause stress that can damage the foundation of your home. Poor compaction, overloading, inadequate waterproofing, excessive organic materials, and erosion or expansion of soils can change the moisture content of the soil. Basement cracks and bowing walls are some signs to look for when you need residential foundation repair. Underpinning your home with high-quality foundation repair products will ensure the safety of your home.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Hamilton, Virginia

wet basement repair in HamiltonMake sure that all your gutters are cleaned out and your rain spouts are working properly. When the water leaves your rain spouts it shouldn’t come back towards your house.

Install sump pumps and repair sump pumps. We will make sure your sump pump is working and up to date before you receive those heavy rain falls. If you are in need of an exterior drainage system or interior drainage system we will examine your home to see if it has had any previous basement waterproofing done before and if it was done correctly. If you don’t have any waterproofing set in place we will install and waterproof your home like it should have been done. A flooded basement can weaken your structural supports, damage your belongings, and endanger your family’s health.

Foundation Repair in Hamilton, Virginia

If you have noticed that your home is starting to lean to one side you are probably aware that you are in need of foundation repair. Foundation repair is as simple as calling us here at Basement Masters Waterproofing. We will get the job done correctly and quickly. A settling foundation can cause damage throughout your home.

We can also install egress safety windows in your basement or repair them if need be to make your home safer in case of a fire. It is important to be an advocate for your own home. By inspecting your foundation on occasion you can be sure that you are noticing the signs of foundation failure.

If you notice any signs, you could be on the road to foundation failure. Call your professional foundation repair team at Basement Masters Waterproofing and we can help minimize the damage. We can handle any foundation repair needed with our carbon fiber repairs, underpinning solutions, and anchoring solutions.

For more information on how Basement Masters Waterproofing can assist you with your foundation repair problems, call 571.350.8292 today!

Preventative maintenance plan

Stay ahead of the problem. Our technicians can maintain and repair waterproofing systems for homeowners anywhere in our service area, including the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and the surrounding area.

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