no-cost evaluation in GainesvilleGainesville has a humid subtropical climate with hot, humid summers and chilly winters. The summer brings frequent thunderstorms, while the winters bring brief cold snaps. These factors combine to create soil that could easily create settling foundation problems and flooded basements. Don’t let your home fall victim to such issues.

Call us and let us help examine and waterproof your home. We’ll take care of your home before water and sinking foundations become a problem.

As temperatures change, the soils around your home expand and compact, causing them to weaken. Your home’s foundation is supported by the soil surrounding your home, so when it weakens, your foundation loses its support. Over time, this can make your foundation lean or sink. You’ll notice things like sticking doors and windows, cracks in your floors, and leaning chimneys.

Water can also create foundation issues. Gainesville’s summer thunderstorms can bring excessive water. This water makes its way into the soils around your home. When these soils are oversaturated, they put hydrostatic pressure on your foundation. This pressure can eventually cause your foundation to crack. Don’t let Gainesville’s climate take a toll on your home. Contact us. We can help before the problem arises.

Basement Waterproofing in Gainesville, Virginia

These thunderstorms can also cause basement flooding if your home isn’t waterproofed correctly or efficiently. Rather than go through the pain of a flooded basement, let us help you before the water gets in. We can install interior drainage systemsexterior drainage systems, sumps pumps, or fix wall cracks. We offer high-quality sump pumps, battery backup sump pumps, and sump pits. Our waterproofing experts can help you find the right waterproofing solution for your home or business in the Gainesville, VA area.

Don’t allow your Gainesville home to be in danger. Contact us to take a look at your home as soon as you can! Our experts will help you with your basement waterproofing and residential foundation repair needs.

Preventative maintenance plan

Stay ahead of the problem. Our technicians can maintain and repair waterproofing systems for homeowners anywhere in our service area, including the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Prince William, and the surrounding area.

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