Diagonal Wall Crack

If you have basement wall cracks or floor cracks, these cracks will become a source for water to seep into your home. If these cracks are not taken care of, it can lead to water and structural damage. The way to avoid water from entering through these cracks is with epoxy injections from Basement Masters Waterproofing.

The advantages of epoxy is its compression strength. Epoxy strength is 12,000 psi or greater which exceeds that of most concrete. That is why epoxy is the best choice for cracks and structural repair. Another advantage of using epoxy is that is has a very slow curing time which allows the epoxy to flow into even the smallest crevices. As the epoxy hardens, it reinforces or “welds” the concrete making the wall or floor stronger than before. Epoxy injections are done from the interior of the basement, eliminating the need for the more expensive exterior excavation solution.

Benefits of Epoxy Injection for Crack Repair in Virginia

Epoxy injection for crack repair has many benefits over other crack repair solutions. Some of these advantages include:

  • Fast and economical
  • Repairs and strengthens
  • Stops leaks
  • No exterior excavation required
  • 10 year warranty
  • Excellent for void filling and hole filling

Epoxy Injection 4 Epoxy Injection 6" Epoxy Injection 5

Protect your home with epoxy injection for wall crack repair in your Virginia home. Contact Basement Masters Waterproofing for all of your wall crack, floor crack, and void filling needs in Virginia.


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