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Wall Crack from Common Foundation ProblemBasement Masters Waterproofing provides more than just basement waterproofing. When you need an emergency exit in your home, we offer a special service, Egress Express, that installs egress safety windows and window wells in your basement to assure your family’s safety. Our Egress Express team includes experts throughout Northern Virginia who can find the best solution for your family’s needs and complete the project with high-quality products and installation.

Why Install Egress Safety Windows?

There are several good reasons homeowners in Northern Virginia are installing egress windows in their basements:

  • Egress windows save lives – A fire in a home can occur anytime. The basement is the lowest level of the house and an ideal place to install an egress window. It allows your family to escape while in the basement or other rooms near the basement if other exits are blocked by smoke and fire. Egress windows also allow entry by emergency personnel in the case of a fire or medical emergency.
  • Egress windows provide light – No one likes a dark, dreary basement. Installing an egress window is an ideal way to light up a basement for current living areas, additional living space, or an area to grow plants.
  • Egress windows are required by law – In Virginia or Maryland, if you are building a new home or adding an apartment or bedroom in your basement, you are required by law to provide an egress window. These laws are strictly enforced in new residential homes. Even if you currently have egress windows in your Virginia basement, it is always good to check to see if they are up to date with recent code requirements.

Egress Window Wells for Emergency Exits

We are committed to continually seek out and provide products and services that will keep you and your family safe.  In addition to installing egress safety windows, we offer egress window well covers and built-in ladders for added safety.

We provide a life-saving emergency exit from your basement. Egress windows are large enough and low enough so that your family can escape through them in an emergency, such as a fire. In case of a fire, tornado, or any life-threatening situation, our egress window wells feature a built-in step design with sturdy handrails for a fast, safe and easy exit for your children and adults.

 Features of Egress Window Wells

  • Provide escape with built-in steps and handrails
  • Won’t rust or dent like metal
  • Features built-in floor for maintenance-free living
  • Channels water away with built-in drain and contoured bottom

Considerations When Installing an Egress Window Well

There are a few things you should keep in mind when installing an egress window and window well in your basement:

  • Make it accessible – Keep space clear in front of the window.
  • Practice using it – Make sure that your family members know how to open the egress window.
  • Make it child-friendly – If you have small children sleeping in the basement, be sure that the window well isn’t too deep or install a ladder.
  • Allow room to exit – If you have a deck over the egress window, make sure there is enough space for you to get out.

Window well installation in Virginia has never been easier. Egress windows brighten up your dark, dingy, basement. Anytime you remodel your basement for a bedroom, office, or other living space an egress window is essential.

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