Structural Repair in Virginia With Carbon Fiber

Basement Masters Waterproofing has chosen to partner with Emecole and Fortress Stabilization Systems who have introduced Carbon Fiber / Kevlar technology in the form of Carbon Fiber / Kevlar Grid straps, the next step in permanent foundation wall repair stabilization. The hybrid grid strap system is comprised of high tensile strength carbon fibers woven together by Kevlar strands. We are your carbon fiber wall repair service provider in Virginia.

Carbon Fiber / Kevlar grid straps are designed for stabilizing both poured concrete and block walls. Due to the extremely high strength-to-weight ratio, carbon fiber reinforcement is the repair material of choice for bowed basement walls, bridge columns, and concrete beams to restore and maintain structural integrity.

Replacing Steel with Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is now a proven popular alternative to steel for reinforcing structural substrates in residential and commercial applications. Carbon fiber is highly effective at adding tensile strength to concrete. It is superior to steel since it is stronger, stiffer, and non-corrosive. It also can be bonded to the surface of a concrete structure at any time to stop bowing walls and cracking walls. This allows limitless applications for new construction, repair, retrofit, and seismic upgrades.

The grid lies flat against the wall and when painted over, is hardly noticeable. The wall will never bow or crack again. Carbon fiber / Kevlar grid straps have an extremely low profile that virtually makes them invisible, while other systems like steel bracing can protrude 6” – 12” from the wall. Unlike steel bracing, carbon fiber does not rust! Carbon fiber straps can be covered over with paints or other coatings to further enhance the looks of the finished repair.

Advantages of Using Carbon Fiber Basement Wall Repair

  • Straps conform to bowed walls
  • No excavating
  • Will not deteriorate
  • Straps will not rust
  • Most repairs finished in one day
  • No drilling
  • No lifting of heavy steel
  • Consistent material properties
  • Peel–ply self-bonding
  • Backed by the “Fortress Lifetime Warranty”

These hi-tech Carbon Fiber/Kevlar grid will permanently repair cracked or moving foundations without steel I-beams or tie-backs, leaving your walls with no unsightly obstructions and ready to paint. The repair is permanent and guaranteed for the life of the home. Contact the Carbon Fiber experts at Basement Masters Waterproofing today.

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