In Virginia, basement vapor barriers will help your home’s basement waterproofing system and air quality. Vapor barriers are designed to prevent moisture penetration in your home. It also will serve as prevention to mold and mildew. And lastly, it will prevent rotting, deterioration, and rust on joist hangers.

The vapor barrier will stand up to touch puncture and is tear-resistant. Our water vapor barrier will also eliminate moisture saturation of insulation and helps produce better air quality for your family. Overall, a wet basement can be prevented; let us show you how.

Water can get into your basement in different ways. One way is through wall cracks. Some other things to check out around your home are your gutters and downspouts. Make sure they are working properly. Clear all the debris out of them and make sure when the water is leaving the downspout is not coming back towards the house.

You can view some of our before and after photos of basements that we have already done throughout our area. These homeowners already can tell the difference in air quality and their basement is staying dry. For more information on our basement vapor barrier solution call us today.

Basement Vapor Repair is important. View our before and after pictures below.

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