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Why Choose a Vapor Barrier?

In Virginia, many homeowners have to tackle significant rainfall every year. This leads to serious issues in your basement or crawl space becoming overwhelmed with water, pests, and mold or mildew. Basement vapor barriers:

  • Prevent excess mold growth
  • Keeps water out
  • Prevents rot, deterioration, and rust of basement structure
  • Keeps unwanted pests out
  • Improves air quality of home

The vapor barrier will stand up to touch puncture and is tear-resistant. Our water vapor barrier will also eliminate moisture saturation of insulation.

A wet basement can be prevented. Let our professionals at Basement Masters Waterproofing show you how.

Trust Basement Masters Waterproofing

Water can get into your basement in several different ways. One way is through wall cracks, which may indicate a serious foundation issue or just some settling of your home. Some other things to check out around your home are your gutters and downspouts. If they are not properly cleaned or have a leak somewhere along the line, water can start to pool around your foundation. This can seriously affect the integrity of your home’s foundation and lead to leaking. This can all be fixed with a vapor barrier, but it’s good to keep stress on your home and its maintenance systems low.

Below is a before and after photo of a basement project that we finished in the Northern VA area. These homeowners already can tell the difference in air quality and their basement is staying dry.  If you want to experience the comfort, safety, and peace of mind this family now has, call us today to learn more about basement vapor barriers. You’ll even receive a free quote!

Before and after of basement vapor barrier installation


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