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Wall Crack Repair for Foundations in Virginia

BasementcrackCauses of Virginia Wall Cracks

No matter what your construction, walls crack because they become overloaded or because the structure settles or heaves. There are many typed of cracks. We are your foundation crack repair Virginia provider.

  • Vertical and angled cracks are usually caused by settlement or heaving.
  • Horizontal cracks are more likely to be caused by lateral pressure.
  • Angled cracks
  • Center Converging
  • Stair Step cracks

The first step is to identify your foundation cracks. For example: wall cracks that are wider at the top than the bottom indicate settlement. If your foundation has cracks it is time to contact a Basement Masters Waterproofing to diagnose the cause and severity of these cracks. We also feature carbon fiber repair to stabilize those cracks. This diagnoses will also let you know if you are in the need for foundation repair. For all your foundation crack repair Virginia, or Northern Virginia needs count on Wet Basement Waterproofing!

Why Repair your Foundation Cracks?

Cracks in the walls of your basement and livable floors of your home can be caused by many exterior elements. Concrete shrinkage can occur when your home is built, and the cracks will not show up until later on. The expansion and contraction of the soils under and around your home will also lead to cracking walls in your home.

Without repairing your wall cracks water can seep in as well as rodents. The worst thing that can happen is your home can collapse without warning putting you and your family at risk. We have many different options and solutions for you to choose from.

Taking a look further into your Wall Cracks

Horizontal cracks in the walls cause more damage to the structure of the home. They are caused from pressure on the side walls of the home and can lead to the wall completely failing and possibly snapping.

Vertical cracks in the walls normally do not cause as much structural damage to the home’s foundation. They are most commonly caused from the shrinkage of the concrete under your home. In some instances, they are caused as a reaction to damages to the foundation. You can determine which is the cause of the crack by running your finger over it. If it is even, then it has been caused by the concrete shrinking and curing. If it is uneven, then the crack has been caused from outside damages to the foundation.

No matter what angle your wall crack is it’s best to get it looked at by a professional. Out professional staff can then point you to the best solution and help you protect your home. If you have any further questions please ask as we are here to help educate and repair your homes future.

Also take note that wall cracks can lead to radon gas exposure. You can read further on our radon Mitigation Virginia and Northern Virginia page.

Crack Repair Virginia

One Way to Repair Concrete Wall

So what are your options to repair cracks before they become a larger issue for your foundation? Basement Masters offers epoxy injections to resolve both wall and floor cracks. This is a fast, economical way to resolve cracks. In the process of stopping leaks, it strengthens the crack so it is even stronger than before it cracked! We can do all the work from the inside of your home, no landscaping excavation needed. We offer a 10 year warranty on our crack injection repair service, so you know we stand behind our work. Contact us today to see if this solution will work for you. We will do a free estimate!

Another option is carbon fiber repair. This not only helps with cracked walls but also bowing and leaning walls. This is a study, no rust option for crack repair. This is a cost effective solution as the job can usually be completed in one day. We partner with Emecole and Fortress Stabilization Systems and use Carbon Fiber / Kevlar technology. For strong, stable foundation repairs you can count on this product to last and provide the support needed to keep your home safe.

Contact us today for these and other crack repair Virginia solutions. Basement Masters Waterproofing makes it our mission to find the right solution for your wall crack needs. We will provide you with a free estimate and find a solution that fits your budget and needs. Don’t wait for that crack to cause foundation failure. Call us today to protect your foundation and home.

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