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Exterior Drainage in Virginia and Maryland

Exterior Drainage Systems

Exterior drainage system in Virginia and MarylandFar too often contractors who built your home only used damp proofing methods instead of waterproofing solutions. Damp proofing methods will only hold up if your home doesn’t have a large quantity of water to keep out. If your home has a high amount of water around it’s exterior, these damp proofing methods can fail. Here at Basement Masters Waterproofing we integrate the proper exterior drainage solutions to get keep your potentially wet basement dry. We are your expert exterior waterproofing provider in Virginia.

Basement Masters Waterproofing offers a complete exterior drainage system which includes:

  • Channel drains
  • Gutters
  • Downspouts
  • Drainage ditches
  • Catch basins
  • Professional grading
  • Sump pump
  • Battery backup sump pump
  • Sump pits

Let us come and assess your needs for an exterior drainage system and provide you with the right system to fit your needs.

How Does a Flooded Basement Happen?

Exterior Waterproofing in Virginia and MarylandThere are a number of ways and reasons water enters your basement and crawl spaces. Here are four common ways:

  1. Water flows and takes the path of least resistance into your home.
  2. Capillary action where water seeps through your porous concrete foundation.
  3. Vapor diffusion where water vapor enters through the concrete foundation
  4. Air movement, where water enters through open doors, windows, etc.

Keeping your basement and crawl spaces dry is important since 50% of the air we breath comes from our basements! So even if you don’t use your basement your are likely breathing basement air. Let Basement Masters Waterproofing set you up with an exterior drainage system in Virginia or Maryland today.

We also do a great job cleaning up the site after implementing our exterior drainage solutions! Your home’s exterior will look like we weren’t even there when we leave. We get to the job and are in and out in no time at all. We install basement waterproofing in all Northern Virginia and part of Maryland. An exterior drainage system can keep your foundation safe, which protects your home. Let us help you with all your exterior waterproofing needs today!