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Water Drainage Systems in Virginia

Interior & Exterior Drainage Systems for Virginia Homes

drainage systems for waterproofing in VirginiaYou are protecting your biggest investment, your home. Basement waterproofing should be done right and provide a lasting solution. Exterior wall waterproofing can’t prevent water from moving deep below your foundation walls. This new found water can creep through your basement and/or crawlspace floor. In some cases having an interior drainage system will go together with your exterior labors. Doing just an interior drainage system is not full waterproofing. Interior drainage systems are water management agents that reduce excess water from around and below your foundation. Water drainage Virginia is key to your home’s health.

One thing needed to properly waterproof your exterior of a structure is – care. using proper materials, take time and give you pride in your house. Without these, your home will not be waterproofed right.

Moisture is conveyed from the outside of your house to your basement interior by four primary methods. the first one is water flow. As you know, water takes the trail of least resistance, if this is the pathway to your basement, then that is where the water will go. Second, capillary action. Concrete is a porous material, it is very hard yet porous. Think of capillary action being like a wick. As concrete saturated in water, it becomes completely drenched and then disperses moisture and water vapor inside of your home.

The next method is vapor diffusion. Vapor diffusion is much like capillary suction, apart from with water vapor. Lastly, air movement. Every time that a door or window is opened you are bringing air into your home and you are pulling air from the basement to the upper existing levels. This is known as stack effect. Quick fact: On average about 50% of the air we breathe in our homes comes from the basement.

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Pictures of Wet and Cracked Basements

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Interior water damage that need interior and exterior repair and drainage systems.

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Cracked basement walls that need to be fixed in a residential home.


Before & After – We also do a great job cleaning up the site after implementing our exterior drainage solutions!

You are responsible for maintenance on your waterproofing system, or we can help you with our maintenance plan. Read more: Maintenance is Your Responsibility, or We Can Help with Our Maintenance Plan